Our Trip of a Lifetime

Having grown up as a Fyfe, it’s long been my dream to visit the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland. Well, this year, I finally have a chance to fulfill my dream. And the best part is that I get to travel across the pond and share the experience with my wonderful husband, who insisted we also go to England to see a few famous landmarks and take in the English countryside.

I can hardly contain my excitement about exploring some of the old castles! I find them to be very intriguing and look forward to learning more about their vast histories. As of right now, our itinerary includes a visit to Edinburgh Castle and the ruins of Linlithgow Palace in Scotland.

While doing research for the trip, I stumbled upon some differences in terminology between the United States and the United Kingdom. In the chart below, I listed a few of the words I came across. Who knows, maybe hubby will surprise me with a snog when we’re up in The London Eye?

US_UK Words


7 thoughts on “Our Trip of a Lifetime

  1. It’s great to get to know this stuff in advance! Hubby and I spent a few weeks working in England in 2011. Here are a few more comparisons for you that I picked up while we were there.

    Juice = Squash
    Drunk = Pissed
    cup of tea = cuppa
    Trunk (of a car) = boot
    hood (of a car) = bonnet
    Subway = Tube or Underground
    Garbage = rubbish
    desert = pudding
    line (as in “get in line”) = queue

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