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I’m pleased to have Scotsman and longtime Fife resident, Alex Nisbet, here today. Alex was born and raised in the picturesque region of Scotland known as the Kingdom of Fife, where he finds much pleasure in hiking its trails and photographing its natural beauty. He’s also a bit of a history buff and has researched many of the places he’s captured through pictures.

1903163_10202951137597368_1397346406_nTo begin with, would you give us a brief history about the Kingdom of Fife?

     Fife has a longstanding history with the Scottish monarchy and retains its title as the Kingdom of Fife to commemorate the fact that it was a Pictish kingdom many centuries ago. The Picts lived in ancient eastern and northern Scotland and communicated via the symbols they carved on stones, which remain a fascinating part of their legacy. Despite the Picts influence in the region, Fife is probably best known for being the “Home of Golf” in St. Andrews. Golf in Scotland can be traced back to the 15th century.

What can you tell us about Clan MacDuff?

     Clan MacDuff was the first Scottish clan to be recognized by the Scottish Parliament as a clan. The legislation of that event dated back to November of 1384, according to my research. [1] The clan originated from the Royal Scoto-Pictish line and Queen Gruoch stood as its senior representative. [2] She and her second husband, Macbeth, would eventually be immortalised by William Shakespeare in literature. [3] Now, your ancestors – the Fyfes – were also from the Pictish line and lived in the county of Fife. The Fife and Fyfe surnames were septs of Clan MacDuff.

In your opinion, what makes Fife unique from other regions in Scotland?

     Fife has everything anyone could wish for: beautiful scenery inland and coastal, as well as historical places of interest. The coastal path is a stunning walk! It’s 117 miles in length, stretching from the small town of Kincardine to the Tay Bridge. Fife was the centre of the early settlers in Scotland (Pictish Kingdom – late iron age/early medieval time). The only things that survived are the Pictish carvings in the Wemyss Caves below MacDuff castle.

What do you enjoy most about living in Fife?

     Besides being surrounded every day by the natural beauty, the main reason I love Fife is because of its people. If you’ve been in the company of a Fifer, then you know why strangers are not strangers for long and return time and time again. Fifers are the friendliest and most welcoming Scots in Scotland!

What are the top five attractions in Fife that visitors shouldn’t miss seeing?

     Culross Palace, Falkland Palace, St. Andrews, Anstruther Balgonie Castle, and the Forth Bridges: North and South Queensferry.

Finally, after a fun-filled day of sightseeing around Fife, where would you recommend tourists go to grab a bite to eat?

     I would recommend eating at The Doll’s House restaurant in St. Andrews and The Wee Restaurant in North Queensferry. Another brilliant option is The Ship Inn in Limekilns, which is very welcoming and has a great atmosphere. For the best fish and chips in Fife, you have to go to Anstruther.

To learn more about Fife, stop by Alex’s Kingdom of Fife page on Facebook. It’s filled with photographs and stories about the region’s history.

[1] The Records of the parliaments of Scotland to 1707 RPS.
[2] Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia – Wikipedia


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  1. Three weeks now Cherry ! and you’ll be touring with one of the best personalised tour companies in Scotland – Cameron Tours of Scotland – and we are based in the Kingdom of Fife in the ancient capital of Scotland – Dunfermline – and yes we are the friendliest of all Scots as you will experience on the Friday night when we will hit the streets of Edinburgh together ! Looking forward to it

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