New Book Release

What happens when reality fuses with dreams? A futuristic world turns upside down into a prehistoric land of savagery and adventure.

Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber is the story of a student of the twenty-second century and his exciting journey into a virtual world fraught with danger. By accident, Aaron obtains a secret code to the Pegasus Chamber, a computer simulation so real that participants cannot tell fantasy from reality. What was meant to be a party on a virtual beach in paradise becomes a tooth-and-nail fight for survival. Aaron and his friends find themselves in more danger than any back alley of New Detroit. Forging together the gang of kids head off on the wildest adventure they could ever imagine.

As Aaron “Amish” Johnson tries to discover why the simulation has not ended, he is determined to convince them that the virtual world is just as real as their lives in New Detroit. Along the way, the teens meet a mysterious girl that for all practical purposes should not be there. As the gang comes to grip with their mortality, they experience wild storms, flesh eating dinosaurs, ancient ruins filled with danger, and ultimately the greatest question humanity has ever asked?

This is the first book in the Amish Johnson Trilogy. Coming this fall is the second book, Amish Johnson and the Leprechaun’s Legacy and finally in 2015 Amish Johnson and the Minotaur’s Maze.


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