The Fearful Heart: Name Game

Welcome! Meeting and falling in love with new characters is always fun, so let me first introduce you to mine by way of the book blurb. And away we go!

The heart must be protected at all costs… but will Cassidy be able to afford the price?

Cassidy has distanced herself from childhood friend, Tristan. She’s moved on from their days of best friend-hood and is attending college. And dating one of the most eligible males on campus. Life couldn’t be better. Really.

Tristan has devoted himself to Cassidy since they were children together. But no matter what he did, she’s never treated him like more than her best friend. He knows they can have something deeper. If only he can find the key to unlocking her fearful heart.

Authors have many ways of choosing names, but here’s the process I used for The Fearful Heart…

When I was younger, I enjoyed reading teenage romance books. One of my favorite stories was We Belong Together by Elaine Harper. The heroine’s name always stuck with me: Cassandra. (Cassie for short.) So when I sat down to name my own heroine, I brainstormed for a similar name, but with a modern twist. And that’s how I decided on Cassidy.

Moving right along to Tristan… Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a dark-haired, blue-eyed babe should be named after one of my favorite TV characters of all time: Tristan Rogers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, he played debonair WSB agent Robert Scorpio on the soap opera General Hospital. And that’s the 411 on Tristan.



3 thoughts on “The Fearful Heart: Name Game

  1. As I never watched GH (more of a GL/ATWT fan) it was interesting to hear where you got your names from. When I see the name Cassandra, I always think of the Greek woman who was cursed to always foretell the future correctly but never be believed. Cassidy in my mind always has a Butch or a David in front of it. When I see Tristan, I think of Tristan and Isolde. Thanks for the blurb!

  2. My brother is named Tristan after Tristan Roberts. My Mom was such a fan when she was pregnant, that she felt it was the perfect name for him. There was a Johanna Lindsey book called “A Pirate’s Love” (I think), that I read when I was a teenager. I had to imagine a different name because the hero’s name was Tristan and I would get so skeeved out imagining my brother in any form of intimate moment with anyone. *L*

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