Calling All Authors!

Hey, everyone! Fellow author, Armand Rosamilia, needs your help with his event: Authors Supporting Our Troops. Please read on for more information.

What ‪#‎ASOT2015‬ still needs in order…

1. Soldier addresses in remote areas. If you know of a soldier (friend, family, etc.) you are in contact with, and they are interested in receiving books to hand out to their unit, please let me know in a private message on Facebook or at

2. More author-signed books. From the authors themselves or their publishers. I’m getting too many requests again for people trying to send me their used books. We’re ONLY interested in author-signed books for this event, and won’t be doing it any other way for years to come. I appreciate the enthusiasm but I have a focused goal. You also need to send me a Faceobook private message or e-mail (see 1. above) for my home address to send books to. I don’t post it online and don’t want it ever posted online.

3. Donations for the huge shipping cost. We are right on schedule with what we’re going to ship out in the coming weeks and what we need to pay for it. The #ASOT2015 shirts have been successful, and we’ll add another new shirt up tonight if possible. While I love getting in PayPal and checks (and some cash) donations, I think it is cooler to see people buying a shirt to proudly wear and to have something else to remember this great event. But however you want to help is fine with me!

4. More eyes on the event, especially your author friends. Every day I get another couple of authors who just found out about the program and ask for the address. So many never knew about it last year. I’d love to have more people aware of this program so I can flood Kuwait, Afghanistan, etc. with author-signed books for the soldiers who need a distraction. I ask everyone to please take a minute to invite your author friends or those who would be interested in also sharing the event and/or sending in a donation to help.

Find the event on Facebook at:



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