Faith-Filled Friday

Welcome to Faith-Filled Friday! Please feel free to share a favorite Bible verse, inspirational poem, or a few sentences from one of your favorite Christian books. Authors may post an excerpt from any of their family friendly books. This is a bookmark I found at The Tract League.

Read Your Bible When…

You worry, read Matthew 6:19-34

You are lonely or fearful, read Psalm 23

You are in sorrow, read John 14:1-6

You are grateful, read Psalm 103

Others fail you, read Psalm 27

God seems far away, read Psalm 139

You need courage, read Joshua 1

You are discouraged, read Isaiah 40

You are in danger, read Psalm 91

You have sinned, read Psalm 51

You have failed, read Psalm 38

God has rescued you, read Psalm 34

You want to praise God, read Psalm 100

You want to be like Jesus, read John 15

Responsibility overwhelms, read Matthew 11:28-30


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105



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